Product Design & Development

Allied has developed advanced prototyping capabilities through our experience in the manufacturing sector. We can assist in refinements to existing product lines or develop entirely new applications.

Consider Allied Industries' leadership in the development of the M240 Machine Gun Spare Barrel Bag.

The original design, as sent to us from US Army Robert Morris Acquisition, Natick, MA, was a crude prototype developed in the field to demonstrate the product requirements.
Allied worked closely with product engineers from Natick modifying the design and developing a manufactured prototype.

Further discussions with Natick engineers on the design requirements led Allied to undertake materials research to identify the fabric which could withstand the extreme heat produced by the machine gun barrel.
The final iteration, including the carry sling, (not shown), has been in use by US Army Rangers since early 2000, and was included in the first battles in Afghanistan.

Taking projects from design phase through the final product configuration, including materials research, is our specialty. Let Allied Industries help you with your product development and prototyping requirements.