Casey Nesbitt
Wolfkin Irish Wolfhounds

Marvelous invention!!! Cheaper than futons & there is not the problem of stinky moisture that accompanies futons. Wipe mud & moisture off with a damp mop. Lighter than futons so easier to move for vacuuming & cleaning. Nearly indestructible cover over high density space age foam. They are only (I'm guessing here) 1 - 1/12 inches thick, very light but they recover their shape almost instantaneously.

These high quality items are produced in a sheltered workshop. I think it worthwhile to promote & reward a program that provides *useful* employment to handicapped people instead of the "make work" projects with which so many sheltered workshops are stuck. Added to this is the durability, reasonable pricing, ease of cleaning & moving and we have a optimum situation all the way around.

I have several of the giant sized PetCush for my Irish Wolfhounds and was so pleased with them that I ordered custom sizes for the kennel pallets & the hound transport ion vehicles. All items were created with the same care & attention to detail. A *most* satisfactory product!